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At Home In Washington DC
A quick reference guide for  newcomers and visitors to the Washington DC Metro area.

Bridge the Digital Divide
eLearning India

A  women of India  initiative
in Washington DC.

"The Greatest power in the world is that of 
the Soul"  

Mahatma Gandhi


Embassy of India 
in Washington DC

Welcome to things Indian in the Washington DC area.
If you are new to the DC area and to the country (USA)... this is a great place to start. 
You do not have to be an Indian to appreciate this publication. To be able to enjoy and make the most of  this resource, you would need to be interested in India, its rich heritage and culture,  emerging opportunities for trade and travel. It could also be an  academic/research interest in the subject of India that draws you here.

What is it about India that interests you? This site is a work in progress with  no end in sight! 
We invite you to be a part of this magical mystical journey of discovery: The Government of India Tourism describes it as Incredible India!
 An experience of a lifetime!  email:

What image does India conjure in your mind? 

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World Clock         Calendar        Time in India

Your directory and guide to products, services and other things Indian in the Washington DC area.


Destination India

Travel in and Out of India
A quick reference to each of 
the states in India and more...


images of India

India Anthropology


E-Learning India




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