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At Home In DC
At Home in India
Washington DC 
Washington DC is one of the most beautiful and exciting cities on earth. 
A city  that can become home to anyone. People who live here are new to the area 
or were new not so long ago.  Although there are native Washingtonians, they are 
outnumbered by those who came by to study or work and stayed on.  Washington DC Is 
not one city but a city and two States:The District of Columbia, Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland.
Maryland offers a wealth of diversity in geography, local attractions and people. It is known 
as the state which has so many things to do, so close together: small city charm and big city 
excitement. A waterfront State from the Atlantic Ocean to the Chesapeake Bay to the Potomac 
river. Southern Maryland is where it all began in 1634 when 140 English settlers arrived to settle 
a new colony.  In Maryland  you will discover the history and culture of a place where times 
and tides meet.
The spectacular natural beauty, unique history sites and outstanding recreation opportunities 
are just the beginning of what Virginia has to offer.  From the bright beaches of the Atlantic Ocean 
and the tranquil waters of the Chesapeake Bay to the majesty and grandeur of the Blue Ridge and
 the Appalachian Mountains, Virginia is exceptionally rich in natural beauty.



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